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Courtesy: Aina Vives
Photo: Courtesy Aina Vives

Eric boo is a modern comedian, a pantomime, a clown of the new generation. His comedy is based on the language of mime, and incorporates objects, sounds and the interaction with the audience.

He is a part of the new generation of clowns who brought mime from the streets into the world of circus, cabarets and music halls, in the 80’s, like David Shiner or his friend Peter Shub, with whom shared during two summers the streets of Zürich, in 1984-85, and who gave him the contact to participate in the “X Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain”, in Paris, in 1987, which opened to him the door to become professional and leave the streets.

After finishing his studies in “Painting”, at age of 27, he discovered the world of mime and quickly moved to perform in the streets in many of the main  European towns for 5 years. Thanks to his participation in the “X Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain”, in Paris, in 1987, he became professional and quickly moved to one of most prestigious music-halls of the World, le “Moulin Rouge” de Paris, after passing by Circus Medrano and the “Scala” music-hall in Barcelona. He has perform in several circus, varieties and cabarets around Europe, like circus Roncalli, Circus Scott, Sarrasani circus, Circus Louis-knie, Cirque de Lune, Apollo Variety, Friedrichsbau Variety, Son Amar Variety, Benidorm Palace, ….. But his favorite place has been the “Moulin Rouge” in Paris, where he has returned several times along the years, totalizing in 2015 more than 11 years  performing in such Parisian historic icon.

Eric Boo’s comedy has been developed under the influence of some of the greatest classical masters such as: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, as well as some modern ones such as: Marcel Marceau, Jango  Edwards, Jonny Melville and Courtemanch.