“The Movie”, Moulin Rouge, Paris, 2015.
“The Tennis”, Roncalli Weinachtcircus, Tempodrom, Berlin
“The Car”, Roncalli Weinachtcircus, Tempodrom,  Philarmonic Berliner Orchestra, Berlin
Eric Boo. Gran Premio del Circo, Génova, Italia, 1994.
“The Movie”, Roncalli Weinachtcircus, Tempodrom,  Berlin
Audition de GotTalentSpain5,  2019.
GotTalentSpain5 Semifinal,  2019, where Eric Boo plays tennis with  Dani Martinez member of the Jury.
 “The Suitcase”, “Osterreicher National Circus-Louis Knie”,  Austria-Switzerland, 1995-6.
“The Frog”,  Osterreicher National Circus-Louis Knie, Austria-Switzerland, 1995-6.