Studies in Electrical Technical Enginier, 1973-76. Studied Painting for 5 years in Barcelona, 1978-83. Received his degree in 1983 – Workshops in mime with the German mime Christian Athanasius and with the Catalonian mime Joan Fanecas, from Wolrass.  Performs as street artist in the main towns of Europe, 1983-87. Lives in Stockholm (Sweden) where in 1986 follows a course in Commedia dell Arte. Receive an “Special Price” in the “X Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain”, Paris, 1987 and becomes professional. Season with “Medrano Circus”, France, 1987-88 .  Performs in “Scala” for 18 months, Barcelona, Madrid and Canary Islands (Spain), 1989-90.  Performs during 4 years in the “Moulin Rouge”, Paris, in the musical revue “Formidable”, 1991-94. Receive the “Silver Price” in the “II Gran Premio Internationale del Circo”, Génova, Italy, 1994. Season with the “Osterreichischer National-Circus Louis Knie”, in Austria and Switzerland, 1995-96. Performs for 2 seasons in “Son Amar”, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Performs in different shows and Chrystmas shows: “Polygon Variety”, Switzerland;  “Circus Sarrasani”, Austria ; “Cirque de Lune”, Switzerland; “Variety de Bâle”, Switzerland; “Benidorm Palace”, Benidorm, Spain; “Apollo Variety”, Dusseldorf,Germany; “Friedrichbau Variety”, Stuttgart, Germany; “Spiegel zelt”, from Roncalli. Performs again for 3 years in the “Moulin Rouge”, Paris, 1998-2001. Performs again in “Son Amar”, Mallorca, Spain, for 3 seasons, 2002-04. Performs again in the “Moulin Rouge”, for 2 years and a half, 2005-07, Paris, France. Performs in “Hollywood Dreams”, Gardaland, Italy, in the role of Charlie Chaplin, 2008 -. Performs in cruise-ships (Costa,MSC y Tallink). Performs for a year again in the “Moulin Rouge”, Paris, 2012.  Performs at “Circus Scott”, in Stockholm and Amsterdam for the Christmas show. Performs in “Circus Roncalli”, “Salto Vitale” show, as a guest artist and in “Roncalli Weinachtscircus”, Berlin, Tempodrom.
2015- Performs again in “Moulin Rouge”, Paris.  Performs in a Bor Productions “Viva la Broadway”, Macau, China.

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